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Saying you the illest ever, you never heard of me
Run up in them pockets, my rap burglary
The glasses had them fooled, they view skewed up
I’m game my sucka, go head cue it up

My peoples tellin’ me, don’t go makin’ enemies
These suckas don’t feed my family, they no kin to me
They wasn’t there when my oiled dried up
Or when the bank was coming for my home bruh, what

God in flesh and the devil still with me
My insides in turmoil, I’m like fuck it let’s get busy
My brother I got one life the live
That’s why I walk around with headphones

I ain’t trying to hear shit
I just let this music penetrate my heart g
Got my finger on the pulse, yes sir I can feel the heartbeat
Ya’ll niggas going need S W A T to disarm me

Already know Weswill, that brother ‘ll tell you I’m ill
Sick in the head, sick as a kid, sicker than my 16 year old
Cousin in her death bed, hi joanne, how you been
Wonder if the most high consider raisin the dead a sin

Well if it is I’m all in, lost so many lives I’m just tryin to talk to them
See people say that I’m a dreamer like Bernard Medina
You can’t convince me that the other side ain’t greener
My moms hate it cause I stay liquored and tree’d up

She tell me how they going to respect you as a leader
Mom this ain’t twitter, I ain’t lookin for followers
I’m just releasing everything in me that’s been bottled up
Strivin’ and surviving tryin not get swallowed up

By my own demons, hopefully this reachin’
Whoever is needin’, a reason to keep a achieving
I was told that the meek shall inherit the earth
That mean it’s my time and this my turf

So with muhfuckas petty thoughts about me I am not concerned
I here for the celebrity roast so let the muhfucka burn

We say burn muhfucka, burn muhfucka, burn
Burn muhfucka, burn muhfucka, burn
We say burn muhfucka, burn muhfucka, burn
Burn muhfucka, burn muhfucka, burn


from Ya Royal Flyness, released September 21, 2018
Written by Uni V. Sol
Produced by Marc Pittman


all rights reserved




UNI V SOL | MC (pronounced “UNIVERSAL MC” or “YOO-nee VEE SOAL emcee”) a.k.a FLY VOCALS is an independent songwriter, recording artist, record producer, voice actor, entertainer, and entrepreneur. The Afro-Latino independent artist is heavily influenced by godfathers of funk, rap and soul, George Clinton, Gil-Scott Heron, James Brown among others, but has his own approach to Rockin’ Out ... more

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