Six Degrees of Separation

from by UNI V SOL | MC

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I ain’t waiting on mine nah uh
Time to weed out whose weak and whose strong
who really makes noise whose just blowing they horn
orchestra conducted carefully constructed

with a conductor crazy enough to fuck with
the catalyst of new days coming, my speech sliver between the drum hits
year of the snake so it’s too easy to spot who pump fake
name dropping hoping that his name sake

will give him top billing or a decent placement
that’s when they placate him with
that your piece is on the way shit so just reamin patient and humble
Fuck that I fow troubled waters while the crowd waving

can you hear me now loud and clear
keep banging on them lunch room table
celebrating life cause it’s giving and taking
every time your eyes open and your head lifts from the pillow

just remember some didn’t get the chance others rest on cement floors,
that’s why kick up dust and rock hard for God,
made me in his image so it’s like I embody the spirit
Peace only come after the rah rah, somebody got this bitch knocked up

the baby ain’t mind but his hair curly like yours
and he got the same colored eyes quick to throw it on a nigga
when every bastartd looking for a father
this ain’t daddy day care you need to grow up and raise your own conscience

you best not step on my kicks right now my flow fresh as shit
off the press, ya’ll slacking ass suckas get tucked in neat
i don’t give a fuck who mc, who put bars together like a wizard
that dude aiin’t me. i boogie in my own lane,

you got it misconstrued like the phone game on the low

I’m just the man, standing next to the man,
standing next to the man, standing next to the man,
standing next to the man, standing next to Goddamn man
But I gotta plan


from Real Rap Side A, released November 10, 2014
Produced by Dominick "Nottz Raw" Lamb
Written by Uni V. Sol





UNI V SOL | MC (pronounced “UNIVERSAL MC” or “YOO-nee VEE SOAL emcee”) a.k.a FLY VOCALS is an independent songwriter, recording artist, record producer, voice actor, entertainer, and entrepreneur. The Afro-Latino independent artist is heavily influenced by godfathers of funk, rap and soul, George Clinton, Gil-Scott Heron, James Brown among others, but has his own approach to Rockin’ Out ... more

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